5 Factors that Impact the Price of Custom Forged Wheels

Custom forged wheels are an investment in your car’s look. These wheels can impact the performance and function of your vehicle, while transforming it into the vehicle of your dreams. Some people think that custom forged wheels are too expensive and a feature that remains outside their budget. Fortunately, custom forged wheels come in a variety of price points, from the relatively inexpensive to high end luxury options. Here are some of the factors that can impact the price you pay.

Price of Custom Forged Wheels


The size of custom forged wheels can impact its cost. Larger wheels require more materials and often have higher price tags. Additionally, some car owners are able to save money when they match the size of their existing wheels so they can reuse their tires on their new wheel. This means they don’t have to pay for new tires, too.


Some manufacturers charge more for custom forged wheels for high performance sports cars than pickup trucks. What vehicle you plan to use the custom forged wheels on can make a big difference in the cost of the wheels. Some less expensive manufacturers only sell wheels for certain vehicles, which means that depending on your vehicle, you may not have access to custom forged wheels at the same price point.


The metal used to make the custom forged wheel will also influence its price. T6-6061 racecraft grade Aluminum is used in our custom forged wheels. Carbon fiber and magnesium are also two alternative material for custom forged wheels


What do you plan to do with your new custom forged tires? Off-roading or specialty wheels are different than what you’d want in a sports car.  These wheels are often manufactured differently and require different designs. In some cases, this can influence the price. More complicated wheels that take more time to manufacture often cost more than simple one-piece cast wheels (compared to the cost of a three piece custom wheel).


With a wide array of powder coating and brushed, polished finishes there are a number of things to consider for your custom forged wheels. It can include whether the metal is milled or machined, black with a gloss or matte finish, or a gunmetal. With multi-piece custom forged wheels, you can have a wheel that has many of these finishes on it. The more complicated the design and finish, the more it will likely cost.

Custom forged wheels are available at many price points. This includes the high end forged wheels you’d expect in luxury cars to more affordable options that all car enthusiasts can enjoy. You never know what custom forged wheels can fit into your budget until you look.

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