Benefits of Custom Forged Wheels

If you are new to the sports or luxury car market, you might wonder what all the fuss is about regarding wheels. After all, aren’t all wheels basically the same? However, you will soon learn that not all wheels are created equal. To understand the benefits of custom forged wheels, you first need to know a little about wheels in general. Here is what you should know.

custom forged wheel benefits

Wheels vs. Rims

Although some people use the terms interchangeably, wheels and rims are not the same. A rim is the outer part of a wheel that holds a tire. The wheel also contains a center piece known as the hub, as well as spokes that connect the hub to the rim.

Cast Wheels

The most common type of wheel is known as a cast wheel. There are a few different ways that wheels are cast. The most basic is gravity casting, in which molten aluminum is poured into a mold and allowed to settle via gravity. Gravity casting is inexpensive, but because the mold is not densely packed, gravity cast wheels must be heavier than other wheels of the same strength.

Low pressure casting moves the molten aluminum into the mold under positive pressure. This increases the density and allows for lighter and stronger wheels. These wheels are slightly more expensive than gravity cast wheels, and they are the most common wheels on the O.E.M. market.

Spun-Rim, Flow-Forming, or Rim-Rolling: Each manufacturer has its own specific techniques, but in general, these wheels are first formed via low pressure casting, and then put through a special machine. The machine spins the wheel, heating the outer rim section, and then uses steel rollers to pull the rim into the desired shape and width. These wheels, often produced for high performance or limited production vehicles, are far lighter and sturdier than standard cast wheels at a fraction of the price of forging.

Forged Wheels

Forged wheels are created through an entirely different process. Rather than being poured into a mold, a solid billet of aluminum is forced through a series of forging dies under tremendous pressure. This creates an entirely different crystalline structure within the metal. Forged wheels have a cross-linked grain structure that makes them extra light, extra strong, and extra tough. They are also more impact-resistant than cast wheels.

Multi-Piece Wheels

Multi-piece wheels can be custom tailored for specific uses. The center (hub) may be cast, but is often forged. The rim is normally either spin-cast or forged. Of course, in the very best custom wheels, both the hub and the rim are forged. Both 2-piece and 3-piece wheels are available, with 3-piece wheels allowing the most customization.

Why Choose Custom Forged Wheels?

People choose custom forged wheels for many reasons. In general, though, the most popular reasons include:

·         Smoother Ride

·         Improved Aesthetics

·         Superior Performance

·         Increased Car Value

In a nutshell, if you want to make the most of your performance car, or to create the ultimate luxury experience, custom forged wheels can help. They are a smart investment for personalizing your ride.

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