Best Forged Wheel Brands for High Performance Cars

At Custom Wheels For Less, we are committed to providing our customers with only the very best forged wheels. We build deep relationships with our selected manufacturers, and we have extensive product knowledge. We will help you select the best forged wheels for your vehicle and your driving goals. Here are the best forged wheel brands for high performance cars.

Best Forged Wheel Brands for High Performance Cars

ADV.1 Wheels

Founded in 2009, ADV.1 Wheels is known worldwide for its bespoke monoblock, two-piece, and three-piece forged wheels. The company is a leader in style and precision engineering, producing some of the best-known aftermarket wheel designs for high performance cars, along with other top-end vehicles.


ANЯKY is proud to be a disruptor in the high-end wheel market. The company has completed decades of research and participation in the automotive industry to develop custom wheels that are of the absolute best quality, design, engineering, and craftsmanship.

Brixton Forged

Entirely designed and hand-crafted in Los Angeles, Brixton Forged is proud to deliver the finest lightweight performance wheels in their class. Wheel sets change with the seasons, but they are always of the utmost quality.


Forgeline is well known across the racing circuit for its individually engineered, precision machined, and hand finished custom, made-to-order wheels. These wheels feature quite a few innovations, making them among the best on the market.


HRE provides custom, built-to-order 1-piece and 3-piece forged wheels for the performance and racing markets, as well as the luxury market. Customers have several decisions to make throughout the process, ensuring that your wheels are as individualized as you are.

PUR Wheels

PUR wheels have a striking minimalist look. The company is known for its creative, daring concepts and extremely high-end custom built wheels.

Strasse Wheels

Strasse Wheels has been designing and engineering 1, 2, and 3 piece custom forged wheels for nearly a decade. All wheel styles undergo rigorous strength, fatigue, and impact resistance before release, ensuring that they are of the very highest quality. The company focuses on the high performance market, as well as exotic and luxury cars and SUVs.

Vorsteiner Wheels

A global leader in Forged and Flow Forged wheels, Vorsteiner Wheels prides itself on creating the most innovative and advanced products on the market. Their wheels are designed, tested, and assembled in their California production facilities.

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