AL13 D002.1 WHEELS

AL13 D002.1 WHEELS


Light weight.
3 Piece | Duoblock | Monoblock configurations.
Aero-space grade 6061 T6 forged aluminum material.
6061 T6 aluminum rim halves.
Deep concave profile.
Unique step-lip contouring suspended spoke extension.
Tailor-made and built-to-order for specific vehicle fitment.
Milled back-side pocketing for un-sprung mass reduction, promotion of cornering dynamics, stopping power and acceleration.
Hidden or exposed 50/50 hardware options.
Modular width availability.
Boundless component finishing options.
Multi-piece construction allowing for easily replaceable components.
Available Diameter: 18 – 24″
Available Width: 8 – 13″


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