Forgeline RB3C Concave Wheels


The Forgeline RB3C forged concave wheel was developed in conjunction with the famous Ringbrothers and installed on their award-winning Producer Mustang at SEMA 2011. It features a totally unique concave design with a flat reverse-lip and subtle directional spokes. This wheel includes separate left and right versions and is available in both a deep concave profile (for the most striking appearance) and a shallow concave profile (to create a staggered look or to accommodate higher-offset applications). This is a 3-piece wheel assembled with hidden stainless-steel ARP fasteners and Heli-Coil inserts – and is also available with the through-bolt option.

The RB3C is a custom made-to-order three-piece wheel that is produced from forged 6061-T6 aluminum with heat-treated rim-shells. And just like any Forgeline wheel, the RB3C is fully customizable in fitment and finish, including center lock applications.

Developed in Conjunction with the Famous Ring Brothers

Unique Concave Design

Directional Spokes

Both Deep and Shallow Concave Profiles Available

3-Piece Construction

Reverse-Lip Design

Hidden Stainless ARP Fasteners

Heli-Coil Inserts

Exposed Fastener Option Available

Generous Brake Clearance

Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum

Heat-Treated Rim Shells

Includes Standard Aluminum Center Cap

Customizable Fitment and Finish Options

Legendary Forgeline Quality and Customer Service