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DYMAG® founded in the United Kingdom with motorsport roots; the company has a long history of undertaking complex design and manufacturing projects for automotive and motorcycle clients.

DYMAG® have been racing and pioneering the path for wheelrims since 1975. With over 45 years of wheel design experience grounded in the top level motorsport and over 25 years working with carbon fiber wheel technologies. Working alongside some of the most powerful brands in automotive brands such as McLaren and Fisker.


• 4-Piece Caps:
All MV Forged DYMAG Wheels come with a standard 4-Piece cap. MV Forged cap options allow you to add accent colors to your wheels with a large variety of colored logos.

• Spoke-Lite™ Undercutting:
All DYMAG Wheel designs now feature MV Forged proprietary Spoke-Lite™ Register that reduces around 10% more weight savings and exposes carbon fiber through the register. Scallop Undercutting which has reduced the overall Weight and Un-sprung Mass of every wheel we manufacture. Scalloping the sides of the spokes creates an “I-Beam” cross-section through its length, maximizing its strength to weight.

• Hub Pocketing:
Each design has been standardized with Through-Hub Pockets between the lug holes that allow for more efficient heat dissipation and reduce un-sprung mass/weight on the wheel hub. Designs are offered under 5 unique build configurations that share and individualize newly developed details. Each set is engraved with your very own unique serial number, load rating and specs.

• Standard Titanium Hardware / Text Fill:
All DYMAG wheels include Grade 5 Titanium Bolts, Serrated Nuts, and Hidden Studs on every wheel. MV Forged titanium hardware are 50% lighter than the standard steel hardware. With a tensile strength of 950 MPa and corrosion resistant, you can reduce over an additional 1.5lbs per wheel. Offered in a PVD coated Black, Gold, Silver, or Burnt colorway. MV Forged text fill color accent is also a standard option.

• Configuration:
Light-Weight 2 Piece – Standard Full Titanium Hardware & 4pc Caps.

• Materials:
Carbon Fiber Composite / 6061 T6 forged Aero Space Aluminum / Titanium

• Warranty:
Life-Time Structural – 3 Year Finish Warranty UV Protection Clear Coat.

• Available Sizes & Finishes:
Twill Carbon Fiber or Forged Carbon Fiber Rings Available – Diameters: 18″ | 19″| 20″ | 21″ | 22″ | 23″


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