What Are Custom Forged Wheels?

As the name implies, custom forged wheels are designed and created specifically for the customer. To understand what this means and why it is important, though, you must first understand how wheels are made.

custom forged wheels

Wheel Manufacturing

Wheels come in two basic types – cast and forged. Cast wheels are poured or vacuum-drawn into a mold, formed into the desired shape, and cooled. Minor modifications may be made after cooling. The casting process is easy and inexpensive, but the wheels must be heavy to maintain structural integrity while accounting for porosity in the material structure.

Forged wheels begin as a billet of solid metal, which is then compressed into a raw forging under intense pressure and heat. They are then shaped into the desired profile using specialized machines. Forged wheels may be made into one-piece monoblock wheels or forged into two-piece or three-piece designs that allow for custom widths and offsets. The pressure of forging creates a far less porous interlocked grain structure than is possible in cast wheels. This translates into vastly improved corrosion resistance, durability, and strength.

Due to their enhanced strength to weight ratio, forged wheels can be far lighter than cast wheels while retaining structural integrity. In fact, forged wheels are typically 10 to 15 percent lighter than cast wheels, and it is possible to achieve a weight reduction of 35 percent. Lighter wheels mean improved handling, superior aesthetics, and a smoother ride.

Custom Forged Wheels

Custom forged wheels offer all the benefits of forged wheels with the added advantage of choices. The wheels are designed and engineered specifically for your car’s make and model using more than 100 data points and CAD technology for the most precise fit. They are then hand-prepped to receive the finish of your choice, such as brushed, powder coating, or painting in your choice of colors. The finishing process is tightly controlled, ensuring a beautiful, highly customized, precision result.

A major advantage of custom forging is that the entire process is performed in-house, combining the best new technology with the skilled hands of professional artisans. Oversight is intense, ensuring that every step of the process is the best it can possibly be.

Custom forged wheels are an excellent choice for both luxury cars and performance cars. You will receive the very best wheels on the market, custom crafted in house specifically for your vehicle.

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